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With a love for geometric design and a strong focus on knit fabrics, we create pdf sewing patterns with a clean & modern aesthetic, great for playing with different patterns, texture and color. All our patterns come with exceptionally clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions, to build up confidence while you sew!



Aianara on the Dia sweater: 
"I just love the huge range of sizes and how well it is explained. The step by step is the best I've seen yet. I am a confident beginner but a beginner after all and all the pics and explanations on how to shorten the pattern are just great."

  Tania on the (free) Rowan tee:
"Like all Misusu patterns, this is beautifully drafted. It knocks out a perfect fit that can grow with a child due to the dolman sleeves. Beginner friendly and easy to "hack" for personalization."

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"I love a pattern that I can use both for my boy and my girl! So far I have made them both a racerback Piper with a lined yoke, my sons in the regular style but my daughters in the crossover petal back. Such a fun and fast sew."



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If you need some help, come join our Facebook Sew & Tell group - our support team and inspiring community from all over the world are there to help you with your questions and cheer you on in pursuing your sewing adventures!
And if you want to stay-up-to-date about new pattern releases & updates, sew-a-longs, freebies and personalised offers, come join our newsletter!